About SCC

Scribble City Central.  It seemed like a good name for a blog where all sorts of people who were interested in what makes a writer tick could gather.  A sort of Grand Central Station salon for bookies. Then there was the original subtitle 'Dispatches from the Field of Writing'. Well--I was and still am on the writing frontline--out there doing it--so that felt suitable too.  It seems a long time since I started blogging, (even though in practice it's not much more than a year), and Scribble City Central has grown and evolved as I have gradually worked out what I'd like it to be. It's been a fairly steep learning curve.  I started out blogging every day.  I don't do that any more--it became too much of a burden, and took away time from my other writing work.  I started off blogging about anything and everything which took my fancy or caught my eye.  I don't do that any more either, though the posts on marmalade and seed planting and Barack Obama are still there if you are interested in reading them. 

So--let's cut to the really important question what will you get out of this blog?
  • You'll get my slightly eccentric hints and tips on writing and how to do it in the series of posts I call Writing 101 Productions (Ink).
  • You'll get the latest news on my books and where I'll be talking about them, as well as stuff that's going on in the wider children's book world, like World Book Day, library closures and Children's Book Week. Sometimes there'll be competitions to tax your brain and polls to vote on--and even signed stuff you can win if I'm feeling in a generous mood. 
  • There'll be occasional guest blogs, reviews and interview series like the Mythic Friday Interviews
Have fun exploring--and please do share your thoughts in the comments box.  I love to hear from people who are reading the posts.  If you like what you see, please follow me with Google Connect (button in the right hand column).  WARNING: Spammers will be cut off at the neck, eviscerated and dumped in the delete box without a second thought on my part. 

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