Sunday, 18 January 2009

Feet First

Blogging. I knew it would get me eventually. In July 2008 I dipped a toe into the waters with An Awfully Big Blog Adventure--20 children's authors blogging about life, the universe and assorted literary wisdoms. I liked it, rather. What writer wouldn't relish the thought of pontificating on the page, and being read by the countless millions who had hitherto missed out on their talents? Well--maybe not millions. We have approximately 40 faithful followers, and many more lurkers in the shadows. But.... It's not my personal blog, and the blogging bug has bitten me badly--infected my blood and brain with the desire to put my rather disorderly life on the page and share it. So here I am, jumping into the rushing waters of the blogsphere feet first, where I shall, most probably, promptly drown. Whilst I am, first and foremost a writer of children's books, I am also a creator of culinary marvels, a composer of furious letters in my head, a taxi service to teenagers, a stargazer, a bard, and other things too numerous to set out on one page. This is only the start. I hope that you will come with me on a journey of discovery, and I look forward to creating a world of wonders for you, dear reader, whoever you are and wherever you come from.


Anne Rooney said...

Go, Lucy! Good luck. I think getting up to blog at 5:38 was a bit over-noble, though ;-) You make it sound like vampirism, infecting your blood... xx

Lucy Coats said...

Alas, the bleedin' clock is wrong (maybe on US time), so not a case of any sort of nobility, just technoidiocy, since I can't seem to change it! As for the vampirism--you know quite well that I am writing a vampire novel at the moment, so hardly surprising if I have blood on the brain. Thank you for being my Number One Very First Visitor, by the way. You shall have a place of glory and honour forever (or possibly just cake!). xx

Mary said...

Thanks to Anne, I've found my way to the actual blog and shall become a faithful reader!

As a matter of fact, though I've been bogging through my website for some years, I'm about to start another and will keep you posted!

I already follow the Awfully Big Blog Adventure and some others but foresee a blogplosion all over my, relatively, tidy study.

Well done for staring and I look forward to the culinary entries as well as the literary ones!

Lucy Coats said...

I shall try to live up to your culinary expectations, Mary--and thank you for being another faithful reader!

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