Sunday, 1 February 2009

Kerridwen the Tekel Goddess

I've always wanted a tekel. Heaven knows why, because they are disodedient hellhounds with minds entirely set on escape and killing innocent fauna. But there you are, no accounting for taste, and besides, they are also dogs of immense character and charm. Last year, having lost our ancient and loving elderly labrador, I set out on a search for one. Tekels are not easy to come by--at least not the sort I wanted, which was sporty, hairy, un-showdog, and not inbred. Then I saw an advert. Tekel pups for Sale. Sadly, that litter had gone (they are remarkably popular and rare enough that pups sell quickly). But the lovely German-breeder-from-Wales promised me a bitch from her next lot. Kerridwen was born at the beginning of the month, and I have just received the picture at the top of this post. I think I am already in love. The breeder's names all begin with K, so I chose Kerridwen, Welsh uber-goddess and shape-shifter. She will certainly be worshipped in this house!


Anonymous said...

It's adorable!!!

LynnHC said...

Kerridwen is delicious :) By strange serendipidy, I have just this week had to think of a name for a new organic/wildlife garden for our home education charity 'Free Range Children,' based on our smallholding - and it's called 'Ceridwen's Garden' - perhaps she should visit some time as a guest of honour!

Lucy Coats said...

She'd definitely love that, Lynn. All tekels love kids.

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