Monday, 29 March 2010


I am very excitied to announce that
Mythic Interview Fridays
will be coming to Scribble City Central, starting this week on 2nd April, and running through till the end of August.

So, what are these Mythic Interview Fridays?  Well, as you probably know by now, I'm pretty passionate about myths from all cultures. It has been and is my privilege and pleasure as a writer to be able to introduce a whole new generation of younger readers to these wonderful tales through my own books of retellings of both Greek and Celtic myths. What I'm really hoping is that Mythic Interview Fridays will ignite and fuel a widely disseminated discussion amongst teachers, librarians, journalists, bloggers, readers and anyone else who can contribute to the debate about why these stories should be so important—and also to broaden the understanding of what these ancient myths from other times and places can contribute to our children in the fast moving techno-world of today.  I've got authors, poets, illustrators and many others in the book world and beyond all lined up and ready, and they will each be answering a set of seven short questions about aspects of mythology and the influence it has had on their lives.

I'll be kicking off the series this Friday with Caroline Lawrence,  author of the marvellous Roman Mysteries series, and creator of Flavia Gemina, my favourite ever girl detective from AD 79.  I'm hoping all my Scribble City Central readers will be as excited as I am--I can promise you I've got all sorts of amazing and interesting people coming up all through the summer!  Please do take part in or initiate discussions on the comment pages--I'd love to hear your stories about favourite myths from all cultures and whether they've influenced you in any way.  I'd also love to hear whether you think these stories are important to pass on--or not.  All debate is very welcome from any side of the fence.  I can't wait to get this myth party started! 


kathryn evans said...

Wow - amazing idea. And YES I think it's important to pass on these stories - they underpin so much art - dance, drama, literature - plus they are cracking stories - my son loves your versions :O) Looking forward to the interviews.

Lucy Coats said...

Thanks, Kathryn. Glad you're liking the idea--and as you know, I'm delighted that A enjoys the stories!

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