Friday, 11 February 2011

Guardian and Others Pick Up Amis Post

I'm delighted that Benedicte Page the Guardian Books editor has picked up my Awfully Big Blog Adventure Amis piece--you can read what the Graun say (and all the comments)

have also published the story.  I'm feeling like the small pebble who started the avalanche and learning a lot about the power of the meejah. 


Katherine Roberts said...

Fame at last, Lucy! (I tried to comment on ABBA but it wouldn't work - or maybe my brain has died - enjoyed the post though.)

Jo Treggiari said...

Fantastic that they picked it up, Lucy! Thanks for speaking for all of us brain-damaged kid lit authors.

Library Mice said...

I am so glad you spoke up Lucy. For an intellectual(supposedly) and a man of literary grandeur (*cough*), he knows very little of what is being published these days! A few chosen words were shouted at the TV last Saturday!

Steve Jensen said...

Vanity Fair wades in:

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