Saturday, 9 July 2011

ABBA Litfest is Open For Business - Hooray!

ABBAlitfest opened for business this morning at 9.30am and wow! What a programme it's been so far.  Blogs on writing, videos--and some fantastic giveaways and competitions.  Even Conal MacGregor is featuring! And the equally decorative (am I allowed to say that?), but just slightly younger, Tyger Drew Honey from Outnumbered is there too, being interviewed.  So do go over and have a look, because it's brilliant (if I say so myself).  And if you like it, please do say so on Twitter (at #ABBAlitfest hashtag) or on the Facebook page. Have fun, and look out for my video (Beware: Contains Fierce Animals) at 4pm today.  Can't wait to hear what you think of me as a cross between Joyce Grenfell and Barbara Woodhouse!

BREAKING NEWS! Here's that MAD VIDEO I was talking about earlier...

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catdownunder said...

Catching up on it right now Lucy - thanks so much for all the work that went into it. It is lovely to be able to join in something without having to leave home - although I hope I will meet some of you in real life one day.

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