Monday, 30 January 2012

Captain Beastlie is Born

When you see the first pictures for one of your stories, it's always an amazing moment.  One minute you have words on a page, and the next, someone else has brought them to a life in full colour.  This is the moment, for me, that a book is really born. I've been itching to talk about Captain Beastlie for ages - he's been living in my head for years, every stinking, rotten, grubby inch of him.  I've no idea where he came from - probably the thwarted pirate inside me.  But of course, until he was properly announced by his lovely publisher, I couldn't.  Anyway, he's now up on the Nosy Crow website in all his full glory, as imagined by amazing artist Chris Mould, with whom it is a privilege to be working.  When I first saw his roughs last week, I did a small jig of joy.  Now I've seen the first colour picture, I'm even more cock-a-whoop.  Chris has imagined Captain B better than I ever could, and put in some extra specially revolting touches as well.  Even though this book isn't out till April 2013, I'm already mega-excited about it.  If you'd like to read more about my grimsome, gruesome pirate, the link is



Susie Day said...

Ooh! He looks marvellously horrible. Can't wait.

catdownunder said...

Oohhhhh how deliciously wicked looking!

Elli said...

Fantastic! Seeing your creations come to life like that must be one of those dancing up and down moments.

Lucy Coats said...

Thanks, Susie and Cat - he is gloriously ghastly, isn't he?

Elli - it definitely is. Luckily, only the dogs were there to see my embarrassing dance moves.

Katherine Langrish said...

Oh he is AMAZING! What great news!

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