Writing 101 Tips

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Eeyore rather controversially says, "This writing business. Pencils and what-not. Over-rated, if you ask me. Silly stuff. Nothing in it." These days, there's a lot more than pencils and what-not and Grumpy Eeyore would get even more irritated with the whole damned media and technology circus that is now a part of it all. Writing 101 Productions are my own guide to the problems and pleasures of doing this authory thing, including the perils of author platforming, negotiating social networking and much more. 
Warning: Enter at your peril--some days I can get quite curmudgeonly and Eeyorish!
Part 1 An Overview of Author Platforms
Part 2 Author Platforms (Facebook)
Part 3 Writing Resolutions
Part 4 Spambush or Tweettack?
Part 5 To Plunge or to Plan?
Part 6 Blogging Lessons
Part 7 Writer's Block (Feel the Fear)
Part 8 Stuff that Helps Me Write
Part 9 Dreaming of a Whip for the W.I.P.
Part 10 Constructing the Perfect Synopsis (You Hope)
Part 11 Beating Your Submission Letter Into Shape
Part 12 Twitter Wisdom
Part 13 The Vital Desk Equation
Part 14 How to Reach The End (1)
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