SCC Friday Interviews

My Mythic Friday Interview series ran from April to August 2010. In it, I asked my interviewees to give their own take on my seven marvellous mythical questions. As you will see when you read through, there are many diverse and fascinating answers.
Mythic Interview Fridays have already ignited and fuelled a widely disseminated discussion amongst teachers, librarians, journalists, bloggers and readers who have all contributed to the debate about why these stories should be so important, and how they can contribute so much to our children in the fast moving techno-world of today. Please do feel free to comment--I'd love to hear your stories about favourite myths from all cultures and whether they've influenced you in any way. I'd also love to hear whether you think these stories are important to pass on--or not. All debate is very welcome from any side of the fence. After the series ends, I will be doing the occasional 'Special' (such as the Mythic Faery Interviews) so do keep coming back to have a look. Enjoy!

Mythic Friday Interview 1: Caroline Lawrence
Mythic Friday Interview 6: Philip Womack
Mythic Friday Interview 7: The Bookwitch
Mythic Friday Interview 8: Alison Croggon
Mythic Friday Interview 9: Katherine Langrish
Mythic Friday Interview 10: Candy Gourlay
Mythic Friday Interview 11: Fiona Dunbar
Mythic Friday Interview 12: Nicola Morgan
Mythic Friday Interview 13: Dianne Hofmeyr
Mythic Friday Interview 14: Peter Dickinson
Mythic Friday Interview 15: Gillian Philip
Mythic Friday Interview 16: Anthony Lewis
Mythic Friday Interlude: The Snow Woman's Hair (A Brand New Myth from Lucy Coats)
Mythic Friday Interview 17: Anne Rooney
Mythic Friday Interview 18: Steve Feasey
Mythic Faery Interview: Seth MacGregor, Red-Hot Faery Boy (SPECIAL)
Mythic Faery Interview: Conal MacGregor, Smouldering Sithe Warrior (SPECIAL)
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